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Refine your skill in just 24 hours with
Be Bare Wax's Brazilian Speed Wa
xing Masterclass

Join an intimate group of passionate individuals, eager to learn the tips and tricks from a "speed waxing" expert. Learn how to reduce service time while increasing profitability and accuracy of waxing treatment.

Pastel Gradient


Training Cost: $1,400

Time Commitment: 25 HOURS


The Brazilian Waxing Masterclass covers everything that you would need to know and shows you how to perform the perfect waxing service.​ This workshop focuses exclusively on HARD WAX application.


Hard wax offers exceptional results protecting the clients skin in the process, while making the waxer’s job easier and more effective. This interactive learning experience prepares you for immediate success to enhance and amplify your service menu and take your profession to the next level.

  • Learn our signature techniques that maximize client return rate;

  • Learn how to improve your capability to complete a Brazilian wax in 15 minutes or less, while providing quality work and experience;

  • Learn advanced positioning, stretching and application techniques that will enable you to perform the ultimate wax;

  • Learn how to understand what to look for to avoid complications;

  • Watch a full treatment from start to finish with plenty of opportunities to ask questions, under the guidance of our experienced trainer.


Virtual class will cover a lot of the theory and will help you Better Understand Waxing Benefits, Pre & Post Consultation, Product Knowledge, Client Indications & Contraindications, and Safety Protocols. You will also watch an experienced waxer show you the techniques on a live model.


✦ Foundational body waxing knowledge

✦ Professional waxing kit

✦ Be Bare Inc. product sample kit

✦ One-on-one training

✦ Certificate of Completion


Included in Masterclass

(Retail Value: $250)

✦ Single Wax Warmer

✦ Silicon Pot Liners
✦ Slanted Tweezers
✦ Hard Wax
✦ Pre-wax Cleanser
✦ Pre-wax Oil
✦ Powder

✦ Aloe

✦ Wax Applicators

✦ Gloves

✦ Bedsheets

✦ Tote

Student Requirement:

You must be a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician to perform waxing treatments. Supplies and models are included in the training.  However, you must be willing to get waxed if you are in-person training. Students will be required to experience being a model. 

Course Details:

  • Virtual Modules must be completed and passed before attending an in-person session.

  • In-person sessions are offered every other week Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

  • In-person sessions are limited to 16 persons per session

Brazilian Waxing Masterclass

This ultimate Brazilian Waxing training course offers the following:

  • Virtual Master Class (17 hours of training) 

  • Advanced In-Person Waxing Master Class (8 hours of training)

  • Includes a Wax Kit (Valued at $250)

  • Body Positioning

  • Proper Sanitation Procedures

  • Signature Waxing Techniques

  • Pre & Post Care Training

  • Practical Body Waxing Training, including but not limited to:

    • Face

    • Under Arm

    • Full Leg

    • Brazilian

Virtual class will cover a lot of the theory.  You will understand Waxing Benefits, Pre & Post Consultation, Product Knowledge, Client Indications and Contraindications, and Safety Protocols. You will also watch an experienced waxer, show you the techniques on a live model.

In-person class includes a comprehensive demonstration of How to Pull Wax From the Warmer, Control the Wax, Lay Efficient and Beautiful Strips, Avoiding Mess, and live demonstrations and hands-on performances from class attendees and the course director. This course will maximize your exposure to this type of service and familiarize yourself with the female anatomy leaving you feeling confident and comfortable for future bikini services.

Each class comes with a Certificate of Completion to boost your resume, as well as educational materials to assist you. Afterwards, we set you up for success with a starter kit complete with all products and materials needed to immediately start performing services with your stellar new skills. Class size is limited, so don’t wait to enroll.


Ultimate Training Waxing Course
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